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You know your business

You're a business owner. A problem-solver. An innovator. You know your industry, you don’t go along with the crowd, and your clients love you for it. You care and are dedicated to getting it right. You've got this down.

This is where we come in

There are hundreds of details that go into building a website. But you don't have to worry about that, because we've streamlined the process to make it simple. And we'll answer your questions. All of them.

You need a website

Where do you start? Who will design it? What will it cost? How much of your own productivity will you have to put into it? It's complicated and confusing, and you've only got so many hours in a day. You’ve got a business to run and clients to tend to. This is not where you want to put your time or attention.

We know our business

We design and develop websites. That's all we do. We've got this. We'll work with you to determine what you need and how to fit it into your budget. We are here to guide you through every step from concept, to development, to launch. Together, we'll build exactly the site you, your business, and your clients need.

Because you know your business. And we know ours. Perfect team, don't you think?

  • Pricing for new websites up to five pages starts at $2,550 and includes design and coding. We can give you a firm quote for larger or more complex projects.
  • Want to update, change, or make your website mobile-friendly? Redesign pricing starts at $2,250.
  • Our websites display seamlessly on all mobile devices, are compatible with all browsers, and are coded to maximize search engine results and social media sharing.
  • We don't create content, but can offer recommendations.
  • You can also call, 770–765–5303
    or email us, hello@codegreer.com

The crafting of a website

Have you noticed websites look fairly similar these days? Pretty boring, right? Your business is unique. Your website should be too. It should distinguish you from your competitors.

Recently, I teamed up with a designer, Amy of In Visions Design. Her artistry combines tried and true techniques with the latest trends. We aspire to create a powerful and captivating website for your business.

Our handcrafted work is tailored to your specific needs. We give it a personal touch. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It's not a template.

When built from scratch, a website develops its own unique style. Colors, fonts, textures, and word structure set the tone. Design should say as much about your business as your content does.

Responsive design, how your site displays on all screens, from TVs to mobile phones, is an extension of that style. This is a priority. It's not enough to design around current technology. Our goal is to ensure your website looks amazing now, and in the future.

The final touches are in accessibility and search engine optimization (SEO). Captions are added for visual disabilities, colors are checked for proper contrast, font sizes are choosen for readability, and the site is coded for better indexing in search engines and on social media.

This is a handcrafted website.

Hi, I'm Sarah

Sarah, web designer and website developer.

I started Code Greer two years ago after reigniting my passion for coding. I'm a homeschooling mom of four by day and a web developer by night. It seems like a lot, but I'm living my dream life. In my spare time (Yes, really!) you can find me with my nose in a book or behind a camera. I also have an unabashed love for Synthpop, English Cricket, and vegan cookies. My family and I live in North Georgia.

I've been featured on a couple of blogs. Check out my interview with Joyce Akiko on learning to code with a full plate, my thoughts on Imposter Syndrome, and I'm one of ten amazing women in Webdev & Design!

Website services for your
specific needs

Website Development

Do you need a website for your small business? This is our specialty! New sites up to five pages start at $2,550 and include design and development for desktop and mobile. To get started on your new website, contact us contact us.

Website Redesign

Does your current website need a new look? We can refresh your web presence including updates for accessibility and mobile design. Sites up to five pages start at $2,300. To start discussing your redesign options, contact us contact us.

Responsive Redesign

Does your website display properly on smartphones and tablets? We can redesign it to look perfect across all mobile devices. For websites up to five pages, prices start at $2,250. To make your site mobile-friendly, contact us contact us.

Hourly Rates

Do you need to update content or add a new page? Considering starting a blog or setting up e-commerce? These services are billed at our current rate of $50/hour. For estimates on these services and more, contact us contact us.

A sampling of our design portfolio

Screenshot for Muscle Mass Inc.
Muscle mass inc.
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Screenshot for Staged Right Theatre
Staged right theatre
view project
Screenshot for Paige Varner, doula
Paige varner, doula
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