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You know your business

You’re an entrepreneur. An innovator. A solid internet marketer. You know your business. You don’t go along with the crowd, and your customers love you for it. You care and are dedicated to getting it right. You’ve got this down.

This is where I come in

Hundreds of details go into building a website, but you don’t have time to spend on that. You’ve got a business to run, so I’ve streamlined the process to leverage your valuable time. And I’ll answer your questions. All of them.

You need a website

Do you need a new website built from the ground up, or is it time to add on to your site? Does your current site need recoding to be mobile-friendly and responsive across all devices? Are you ready to set up an e-commerce store to sell your products online?

I know my business

I build websites. That’s all I do. I’ll work with you to determine what you need and how to work within your budget. I’ll go step by step from concept, to development, to testing, to launch. Together, we’ll build the website you, your business, and your customers need.

Because you know your business. And I know mine. Perfect team, don't you think?

Client focused web development

When you hire me, we’ll design a step-by-step plan to get your website completed and launched as efficiently as possible. I’ll have questions, and so will you, and we'll answer them together. Is your design perfect, does it need some work, or is it still sketched out on a napkin? Are all of your materials ready – graphics, photos, navigation, written content – and assembled? If you need a graphic designer or copywriter, I can help set that up.

Once our plan is spelled out, we’ll both know what we need to do and what to expect from each other. Even if it’s a complex project, you’ll have a single point of contact – me – and I’ll know who in your organization I’ll be working with. When I get all of your materials, I start coding.

I’ll send updates during the building process to be sure your vision and my work are moving in the same direction. We’ll be able to make adjustments or refinements early on instead of ending up with something that needs a lot of reworking. I won’t just ask, “What do you think?” I’ll ask for specific input and make specific suggestions so I’m not wasting your time.

Your design coded to perfection

Your site will be tested throughout the build so there won't be any surprises the day before launch. Are the colors, graphics, and fonts easy to read for all visitors? Is the navigation simple and intuitive? Do hyperlinks go to the right place? Do downloads, forms, and pop-ups all work properly? Does the site behave the same on all devices and browsers? We'll catch and fix issues early on, and we won't launch until everything works properly.

Your site will be easily read and understood by all of your visitors (accessibility). They'll be able find everything they're looking for quickly (navigation) and finish their business without getting frustrated (user experience/UX). Whether your site is viewed on a phone, tablet, or desktop, it'll look and feel the same (responsive design). And if it needs to be updated in the future, it can be easily edited by any competent web developer (clean, semantic code).

After launch, I won't disappear. If your site needs ongoing maintenance, I can do that or train someone in your organization to handle it. If there's a glitch down the road, I'll answer your call and be sure it gets fixed. I'm proud of every website I build, and I want to be sure yours continutes serving your needs. Our business relationship doesn't end as soon as I cash your last check.

So, let's get started.

Hi, I'm Sarah

Headshot of Sarah

I built my first website in 1999, right after the dawn of CSS, and fell in love with coding. After I married, I put my career aside to raise a family. In late 2013, I heard a podcast about the need for more women in tech, and I knew I was ready to get back into web development. My kids were becoming more independent, so the timing was perfect. I started CodeGreer in January 2014, and I've been learning and building for the web ever since.

I'm a homeschooling mom of four by day and a freelance web developer by night. When I'm not coding, I'm reading, listening to podcasts, or hanging out with other entrepreneurial moms. I have an unabashed love for Synthpop, English Cricket, and all things peanut butter and chocolate.

I'm also proud to be part of the geek-girl movement and web development community. Check out these links to read more about how other geek-girls and I are rocking the tech world.

Code your design

I work with Adobe files (PSD, AI, PDF), Sketch, Word docs, image files, and even screenshots. Don't have anything sketched out? That's okay, we'll work on it together.

Code your shop

I build e-commerce solutions with simple, seamless checkouts for new and existing websites. Shops can be built to keep visitors on your site or as an add-on feature.

Check your UX

I evaluate user experience (UX) on existing websites. I'll make sure your site is easy to navigate, accessible, responsive, and search engine optimized, as well as ensure the code is validated, clean, and semantic.

Hourly rates

Every website is unique. Once we determine the scope of your project, I'll give you an estimate. You'll know how many hours it will take and what it will cost. Together we'll work with what you've got to create you what you need.

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