Happy Clients

We have the same goal. We both want to create a positive experience for website visitors. We probably even share a few more of the same goals - financial stability, early retirement, a live-in chef... but I digress. To achieve our goals we need happy clients. Your happy clients will love your new web presence and my happy client is YOU.

Client focused web development

To get started, let's set up a time to go over your ideas and answer your questions. We can meet in person, over the phone, on Skype, or just exchange emails - whatever works for you. I'll follow-up with a proposal that goes over the scope of your project and an estimate for the work. Then we'll hash out the details and design a step-by-step plan. You'll know how many hours it will take and what it will cost before we sign a contract.

Next comes the fun part - I start coding! During the build, I'll send you regular updates. To avoid wasting our time, we'll exchange honest and specific feedback and work through any hiccups. Before you know it, it'll be launch day. Your website will be amazing and we'll both have happy clients!

The nitty-gritty details

Hundreds of details go into building a website. To ensure everything runs smoothly, your site will be tested throughout the build.

Some things I'll be checking:

After launch, we should definitely stay in touch. You may need ongoing maintenance, or training so you can handle it yourself. And if there's a glitch down the road, we'll fix it. I just thought of another shared goal - we both want your website to succeed for years to come.

About Me

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I built my first website way back in 1999. Do you remember MindSpring? It was an early Internet service provider and they gave away free webspace with their dial-up(!) service. I learned how to code so I could sell accounts and demonstrate the usefulness of this new world wide web thingy.

Then life happened. I got married and put my career aside to raise a family. Enter four kids and a homeschooling career. In 2013, I heard a podcast about the need for more women in tech. I took a couple of online courses and realized the basics of building a website were the same. I could totally do this. And my kids were becoming more independent, so the timing was perfect. CodeGreer was born in early 2014 and I've been learning and building for the web ever since.

The kids and I homeschool during the day and I code at night. But I still find time to read, watch cricket, keep up with podcasts, and hang out with friends. I also admit to having an unabashed love for 80s synthpop which I may, or may not, blast while in the car. Depeche Mode anyone?

I'm proud to be part of the geek-girl movement and web development community. Here are a few more places you can find me around the web.

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