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We don’t just build websites. We deliver unique digital experiences that embody your vision and engage your audience effectively.

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Web development committed to excellence and inclusivity

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We’re passionate about helping people connect and engage online, crafting custom web solutions that are as inclusive and accessible as they are impactful.

Driven by a commitment to social good, we develop WordPress websites that enhance outreach and effectiveness for nonprofits and socially responsible businesses.

Leveraging a full-stack skill set, our team approaches each project holistically, ensuring technical excellence and focusing on positive change. Combining our web development expertise with a dedication to accessibility, we deliver functional and beautiful websites aligned with our clients’ goals.

At CodeGreer, our skilled freelance developers bring experience and passion to every project. We collaborate with web designers, copywriters, and agencies to transform visions into dynamic digital experiences. Our commitment to social good and technical mastery ensures we consistently deliver high-quality, accessible web solutions that drive success for our clients.

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Screenshot of The Intuitive Bookkeeper website includes the header, hero, and first two sections of the page.

Transforming vision into reality

our process

Let’s chat! We’ll schedule a time to discuss your ideas and answer questions, offering flexible meeting options like in-person, phone, video chat, or email.

We love to collaborate We listen to your needs and work closely with designers, copywriters, and agencies to develop a website that truly represents your mission and resonates with your audience.

We are honest We provide a detailed proposal with estimated hours and costs, ensuring transparency and avoiding surprises.

Full stack magic Our full stack team delivers technically excellent, accessible websites that are functional, beautiful, and aligned with your goals.

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Meet the developers behind CodeGreer

our team

Hi, I’m Sarah

Sarah is a white woman with long dark hair and blue eyes.

I built my first website way back in 1999. Do you remember MindSpring? It was an early Internet service provider that offered free web space with their dial-up service. I learned how to code to sell accounts and showcase the potential of the World Wide Web.

In 2013, I heard a podcast about the need for more women in tech. Inspired, I took a few online courses and realized the fundamentals of web development hadn’t changed. I started CodeGreer as a side hustle, working evenings to create websites for small businesses and nonprofits. My passion lies in helping people connect and engage online, and I strive to empower these organizations to make a significant impact through an effective digital presence.

I’m proud to be part of the geek-girl movement and web development community. Here are a few more places you can find me around the web.

Hi, I’m Brian

I’m a seasoned professional transitioning from a successful career as a security threat analyst to the dynamic field of backend web and API development. With a CISSP certification since 2008, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise in cybersecurity to my new focus areas.

My passion for open source software and self-hosting drives my commitment to maximizing network efficiency and building robust, secure systems. My deep understanding of security principles and enthusiasm for innovative technology make me a valuable asset to any development team.

Outside of my professional pursuits, I’m an avid sports fan, proudly supporting Manchester City, the Edmonton Oilers, and the Cincinnati Reds. When I’m not delving into code or enhancing network performance, you can find me cheering on my favorite teams and exploring the latest trends in technology.

What our partners say


Discover how CodeGreer empowers small businesses, non-profits, creative professionals, and agencies with innovative, accessible web solutions. Read firsthand accounts of how our full stack services have transformed online projects and driven success for our partners.

    I’m so pleased with the web presence Sarah built for my business. We didn’t have a designer and weren’t really settled on a particular design when we started. But Sarah was able to take many of my thoughts and ideas, make suggestions, and put them all together into a great design that works perfectly. It looks great on computers as well as tablets and phones. And she was really great to work with – very patient when we asked for changes, and always keeping us updated on progress. Every day when I look at our site I’m grateful I chose CodeGreer, and would recommend Sarah to anyone who needs a website built.”

    “We could not be happier with the talent and creative craftsmanship of Sarah Greer from Our project was unique and Sarah handled small creative details and testy technical challenges alike, perfectly. She encourages feedback, engagement and gives a detailed accounting of progress and options every step of the way. A consummate pro and trusted team player, we absolutely made the right choice in choosing CodeGreer. I give my highest recommendation, without a moments reservation.”

    “Sarah Greer is the best in the business at the most reasonable prices. Sarah basically redid my website took it to another site and rebuilt the entire site. Over the years I have worked with many web developers, Sarah is the best! Don’t bother looking for anyone else. Looking forward to working with Sarah on many more projects!! Thanks again Sarah.”

    “Sarah is so awesome to work with! She listens, asks questions, and does magic behind the scenes. She is also just a badass person. Love her!”