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ActionGA is a group of local women who wanted to create a repository for activist actions here in Georgia. Their goal was to provide call scripts, details for writing campaigns, and a calendar for events and meetups, as well as guides and information for long-term activism.

Inspiration for this site came from a videos and images taken during a night-time rally in Atlanta. The design and colors were chosen to make a bold call for action. The designer of the site wanted the logo to mirror the circle of the ferris wheel and the glow of the lights from the background. The colored portions are a combination of a wave shaped SVG positioned on top of the section.

To build this website, I used HTML, CSS, and Javascript and it's mobile-friendly. To be effective and accessible, the background video has no sound and is set to play only once. There is a pause button which can be toggled on and off. On mobile devices, the video is replaced with an image to prevent slow loading and excessive data usage.

"Sarah is extremely knowledgeable and incredibly talented. She designed our site on a tight schedule and it far exceeded our expectations."

"Working would always be a pleasure if I could work with Sarah all day, every day. She responds quickly, has a unique approach and design aesthetic, and the web site looks great! Plus, she is affable and easy to communicate with, while helping you develop a website that will exceed your expectations. She is a true collaborator, working with you to achieve common goals. She takes the time to make sure everything looks right on every device.  Our site looks wonderful on phones, laptops, tablets, and desktops. I give her my highest recommendation."

"Sarah is talented, knowledgeable, and incredibly easy to work with. We described what we wanted to accomplish with our site, with little idea of how to structure it. She worked with us to create a structure that is easy to navigate, beautiful, and conveys what could be an overwhelming amount of information in a digestible way. She responds to questions and change requests promptly. This is the second project I have used her for, and I will continue to do so in the future."

- The ActionGA Team

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