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John founded MASS BodyBuilding Supplements, a nutrition supplement company based in Athens, Georgia, in the early 90's. He'd built the original website and updated it over the years, but it was time for a big change. John contacted me to update the code to be mobile-friendly, convert the supplement store to an e-commerce shop, and give it a modern look and feel.

Priority number one was to keep it familiar for their well-established customer base. We sketched out a wider layout and added a section to feature the main product lines, but we kept the same colors, most of the images, content, and navigation. This wider layout was used as the template for the other 60+ pages on the site. For the mobile design, we used a drop-down push menu and the rest of the site stacks vertically.

The next update was for the online shop. They'd been using a product listing with a web form which collected order and payment information. Orders were then processed by hand on their end. We decided to go with Shopify as the new e-commerce solution. I used the same design in the shop for a seamless client experience.

E-commerce store screenshot for MASS BodyBuilding Supplements

Development of this site presented several new challenges. John had a newsletter setup with Campaigner and the site search was with Wrensoft's Zoom. I had to familiarize myself with these older systems to ensure they could be styled within the new layout as well as maintain functionality. On new sites, I'd normally suggest more modern options, but there was no need to make changes unless something didn't work. Fortunately, everything worked perfectly and I learned how to incorporate the established with the new.

The final piece of this project was upgrading and restyling the MASS bodybuilding forum. It was several versions behind and lacking in security, as well as functionality. After making copies of everything I began the long process of upgrading through several versions of phpBB. Then I merged all of their posts and member information back into the database. Finally, I made the styling adjustments and the forum upgrade was complete.

The site was built with HTML and CSS. Javascript was used to make the menu stick to the top of page on scroll, as well as the image carousel on the Home page. The contact form is PHP.

"We could not be happier with the talent and creative craftsmanship of Sarah Greer from CodeGreer.com. Our project was unique and Sarah handled small creative details and testy technical challenges alike, perfectly. She encourages feedback, engagement and gives a detailed accounting of progress and options every step of the way. A consummate pro and trusted team player, we absolutely made the right choice in choosing CodeGreer. I give my highest recommendation, without a moments reservation."


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