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Dental Harmony
Screenshot for Dental Harmony

For this project I was hired by the designer to code the templates which would be used to build out the rest of the site. This is my favorite kind of project. Designers have this incredible ability to visualize a concept. I love being able to take that image and bring it to life.

Every project brings something new and with this one I learned how to use server side includes. This allows a piece of code that repeats on several pages - such as a header or footer - to be linked via a separate file. And that means changes can be made to this one file and they'll be instantly updated on every page with that included file. For big websites, this is a huge timesaver.

This website was coded with HTML and CSS. I'm finding I prefer looking for CSS solutions where in the past I might have used Javascript. Nothing against Javascript, but loading fewer files, and not needing a fallback for people who have disabled JS in their browsers, is a big plus. The responsive design was made easy with Flexbox, another of my favorite CSS tricks.

Sarah is a wonderful developer, both in her high quality code and also her joy to work with. She has a great attitude which is always needed, especially when problem solving. She works very fast and takes great pride in her work. I can’t recommend her enough.

Michael Grossman, User Experience Arts

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