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North Wind
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North Wind is the musical talents of harpist Kelly and mandolinist Nicole, bringing together sounds from the Britsh Isles in a bluegrass inspired fusion. They contacted me to help them set up their website for an upcoming album and future performances. We went live early to share details for upcoming shows and I'll be continuing to update the site with content and functionality.

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Amy's design inspiration was an image of a Celtic book. She wanted it to resemble the book opened, so the background is a paper texture with a Celtic handwritten font. Each page has an image on the left with the text on the right. Most of the website's content is still being drafted, but when it is completed there will be a short blurb with a link to read more. When clicked, a modal opens with a page turning animation and the rest of the text. When clicked, the menu items change the content on both "pages".

At smaller resolutions, the page division and modal animation is removed to simplify the site and reduce bandwith usage. The site morphs into a vertical layout on the smallest screens.