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This website was a joint collaboration with Mo of MoReadsYou and Emmanuel, an entrepreneur starting a wine catering and education business in the Atlanta area. We came up with the design together, Mo did the copy, and Emmanuel had our rapt attention as he went over the ins and outs of starting a wine distribution company.

Emmanuel is offering classes so he needed a way to update the site and accept payments. We decided to embed a Google calendar and a PayPal link, two easy and inexpensive options for a new business on a budget.

This site has a unique one-page layout. I used CSS transitions to slide panels in from the right. Each panel is just a section of the index page that is kept off-screen until the link is clicked. At higher resolutions, the hamburger menu and the images link to the various panels. On smaller devices, I switched to a more minimalist style with just the menu, main text, and the 'Enroll Now' call to action.

"Excellent job, I love the web site."

- Emmanuel Faure, One On Wine

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