Open Minds

Screenshot of the Open Minds homepage.
A tablet, desktop computer, mobile phone, and laptop screens showing how the Open Minds website displays on each.

Open Minds is a homeschool co-op and community in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

Years ago, when Open Minds first began, I reached out to see if they needed a website. Luckily, I stayed on their radar and was the first person they contacted when they were ready. I'm so thrilled to be part of this project.

The teachers gave me imagery and ideas they felt embodied their co-op and I worked up the design. The screenshot shows a repeating background, but actually the background is static while the content scrolls over. I used bold, but accessible colors that worked with gradients and I combined a few ideas I'd come across on the web to create the skewed boxes.

The Open Minds logo was created by my daughter, Belle Waves.

"Open Minds has been in need of a website for years, but the task seemed overwhelming. Our leadership team invited Sarah of Code Greer into our planning meetings. We began to see that a website was possible! Sarah was professional, informative, timely, and creative through out the entire process. The little and the big things were all thought through and made intuitive for our site users thanks to Code Greer! Thank you Sarah!"

- Julie Goodrow, Teacher

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