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Screenshot of the Paintmonkey homepage.


Screenshot of the Paintmonkey homepage.


Screenshot of the Paintmonkey homepage.

John Trotter, aka The Paintmonkey, is an artist and cartoonist in Tucker, Georgia.

I've been talking to John about a website off and on for years, but he was never quite ready to take the next step. Fortunately, that gave me plenty of time to really understand his needs and what he was looking for in an online shop when the time came.

We chose Big Cartel as the platform. This was my first experience with them. They offer several themes, but none of them was exactly what John was looking for, so I did a good amount of custom coding. I'm always thankful to platforms that allow that ability because I get to say 'yes' to all of my client's ideas!

"I am one of the most ridiculously non-technological minded humans on this planet. I have no concept of how the web works much less how to MAKE it work. Sarah not only made me a website that fits my needs… she figured out what my needs WERE (again, I don’t know how to think in terms of “the internet”). I cannot recommend her highly enough."

- John Trotter, The Paintmonkey

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