Purple Lily Events

Screenshot of the Purple Lily Events homepage.
A tablet, desktop computer, mobile phone, and laptop screens showing how the Purple Lily Events website displays on each.

Purple Lily Events is a local event design and decor company.

I met Demetria through a women entrepreneurs networking group. She makes the most beautiful decorations for all kinds of events. She'd run into a little snag with her website though and had lost all the content. She wanted to get it back to the way it was and then implement some updates.

Since I had no idea what the site used to look like, I used the Wayback Machine to pull up what I could. From there I rebuilt the site and then Demetria and I went through each section and page to update her business. The end result is a beautiful website that showcases Demetria's extraordinary talent.

"So, I am a DIYer. I try things myself first, and then, when I see I can't do it alone, I seek help. In came Sarah, from Code Greer. She fixed this novice's mistakes and created what I tried to do, but failed. She made my life so much easier! Because of Sarah, I realize it is better to get help in some things, rather than trying to do it myself. Youtube can only help so much, when you're trying to build a website yourself. Hire Sarah. You're a business owner, who should be concentrating on your craft and your clients, not what that error code means and why that awesome photo won't fit in that space properly. Relax. Breathe. Let it go."

- Demetria Young, Purple Lily Events

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