Coding Services

Hey, real quick. As you go through the services below keep in mind every website is unique. To give you an estimate, we need to determine the scope of your project. Then I'll crunch some numbers and get back to you. Before we get started, you'll know how many hours it will take and what it will cost.

Design to HTML

Green hand-drawn illustration of a cloud with a lit lightbulb and an arrow pointing to a blank browser screen.

Your design coded to perfection. Send over your Adobe file (PSD, AI, PDF), image file (.jpg, .png), Word doc, or even a screenshot. Don't have anything sketched out? That's okay, together we'll work with what you've got to create you what you need.

Don't forget: You'll need a domain, hosting, and content (images, copy, etc.)

Responsive Design

Green hand-drawn illustration of a tablet, desktop monitor, mobile phone, and laptop screens.

Your website coded to display correctly across devices. Responsive design just means your website is coded to adjust the content according to the size of the screen. If your website doesn't look right on phones and tablets, it's time for an update.

Keep in mind: Your site might already be responsive, but with new devices coming out every year, it might be time for another update.

Online Shops

Green hand-drawn illustration of a shopping cart.

Sell your products and/or services online with a simple, seamless checkout. Your website and shop can be integrated on an e-commerce platform. Or it can be a stand-alone shop with the same design and feel as your website.

Don't forget: You'll need a domain, an e-commerce platform like Squarespace, Shopify or WordPress, and content (images, copy, etc.)

Email Newsletters

Green hand-drawn illustration of an envelope with an @ symbol and a newsletter.

Build your client base through email marketing. This includes coding the email design, importing contacts, and setting up your templates and forms.

Don't forget: You'll need an email marketing service like MailChimp, Constant Contact, or ConvertKit, regular content, and the know-how to send out email campaigns through the platform.

Website Updates

Green hand-drawn illustration of a laptop screen with a refresh symbol.

Your site is live! Who's doing the updates? Refreshing content, page or feature additions, plugin and theme updates, backups - it's a lot. Eliminate the stress by sending it to me. If you think you'll need regular updates, we'll set up a site maintenance plan.

Don't forget: You can take over at any time. See below.

CodeGreer Lessons

Green hand-drawn illustration of two people wearing headsets in picture-in-picture boxes above a monitor showing 1s and 0s for the code.

Your site is live and you're ready to take over. I'll teach you or someone in your employ how to handle updates, maintenance, backups, and even understand some basic code.

Don't forget: If you get stuck down the road, I'll be here to help.

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