Stellar Baking

Screenshot of the Stellar Baking homepage.
A tablet, desktop computer, mobile phone, and laptop screens showing how the Stellar Baking website displays on each.

Stella is a homeschooling student, stellar baker, and an entrepreneur.

Stella was getting so many compliments on her baking she decided she needed a website to showcase her work. She came to me with a well laid-out plan, a little bit of coding knowledge, and a ton of enthusiasm. She was a tough customer, requiring daily updates on my progress and giving me honest feedback as we went along.

Stella had already created a cupcake logo and this was our starting point for the design. Her favorite color is mint green and she wanted a polka dot background. I suggested the dark wood contrast to help the content pop. The rest of the design and layout was all hers. She's not only a wonderful baker, she's a pretty fantastic web designer! In the end, her website turned out to be a perfection combination of her love for baking, adorable personality, and ingenious creations.

"Sarah is amazing! She made a beautiful website for me!"

- Stella, Stellar Baking

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