Screenshot of the TheGoodDawg.Life homepage.
A tablet, desktop computer, mobile phone, and laptop screens showing how the TheGoodDawg.Life website displays on each.

TheGoodDawg.Life is the moniker for the Goodrow family's cross country RV adventure.

The Goodrows are a homeschooling family about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime! They sold everything, bought an RV, and are starting a new life on the road. Julie asked me to give her some pointers on starting a website. She wanted to create a landing page that directed visitors to the GDL social media accounts so they can follow along. She got a good start on it on her own, but ran into some issues and reached out to see if I could help.

Julie was trying to build their site using the free site builder with her hosting provider. Despite the hype, they aren't as easy to figure out as you might think. We decided the best way forward was for me to code the site and upload it to the host. Julie sent me all of her ideas and content and the end result was a hit with the whole family!

" website was created by the awesome and talented Sarah Greer with Code Greer. I went to her with a mess of a website I tried to create myself and an idea with a ton of holes in it. She worked her magic and built something I could not have imagined in my non-code-y brain. Thank you Sarah!!!"

- Julie Goodrow, The Jeep Mom

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