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Andrew, an entrepreneur in New York, needed a three-page website for his new laundry pickup service. He'd created a mockup for what he was looking to have coded, and I built the site within a week. Projects like this are a lot of fun and this one was no exception. There were a few new aspects to learn, but with a great design, content, and client - it was a pleasure to build.

The website was designed primarily for mobile devices and is perfectly responsive for all resolutions. The main feature is the text bubble in the header. When clicked, it opens up a new text message with a preloaded number and message which the user can send to have their laundry picked up. I researched several ways to send SMS through HTML and found there is no standard for all operating systems. I could've used a PHP script to detect the OS and use the correct code, but it might require code updates for each new OS update. Instead, I suggested using ZipWhip's redirector. They keep up with changes to the code on their end and it's seamless for the user. On desktop, the text bubble link is disabled and the phone number to text is listed instead.

In addition to HTML and CSS, the site uses Javascript for a timed rotating color change on the header text bubble, as well as the menu. I created the text bubbles and favicon using Adobe Illustrator.

"I hired Sarah to build a site and it was a very good experience. She has a positive attitude and is easy to work with; responds to questions and requests effectively and promptly. The work she does is great and delivery is fast. The design she built has a couple of uncommon functions which were well researched and executed and it all looks and works beautifully. Sarah delivers what is agreed upon at a reasonable price, I would use her again or recommend her in a heartbeat. Very solid skills, professional attitude and service."

- Andrew DiLauro, Warm Laundry

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